During my study In Poland, where I was born in 1949, I learned that nothing is as wonderful as building a bridge. While working in the Netherlands, where I moved to in 1981, people told me that the most wonderful thing to do is building a ship...


I was lucky to have built bridges, navigation locks and other large structures my whole life long, and I saw no reason to stop doing this when I was 65. Therefore, I founded a one-person consulting company in construction and I called it RADAR Structural.


Please take a few minutes to look through this website - and contact me when I can be of any help to you.


Ryszard A. Daniel, PhD. Eng

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RADAR comprises my initials, but it stands for more than that. lt says that my beam antenna is directed outwards. Primarily at my clients but also at everything around that can be relevant for their projects.



Ryszard is my first name; Daniel is the family name. Ryszard is the Polish spelling of Richard. The first may be uneasy for other nationals. So, feel free to write Richard if more convenient.



Consulting services in heavy structural,  civil, and mechanical engineering. This covers infrastructure, industrial and utility projects. Please turn to the pages SERVICES and EXPERTISE for details.



On this site, RADAR Structural gives you access to the texts, documents, illustrations and other information provided by Ryszard A. Daniel and other parties. All information has carefully been collected and presented. Nonetheless, some details can outdate or become incomplete or incorrect for other reasons. RADAR Structural shall not be held responsible for any harm or damage that might possibly result of this. It also reserves the right to complete, remove, correct or otherwise modify the information provided here, at any time and without notice. For these reasons, the information on this site, including the linked and referred sources, should be seen as non-committal unless otherwise stated.




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